Frevat Frolics

Adventures Around Frevat

The Story Begins...

The Sword Coast, home to all manner of adventures and dangers, is where our story begins. If you travel a few days north of Baldurs Gate, you will arrive at the small town of Frevat.

Frevat happens to be on two main trade routes, and near to one of the rare ports that have found a place in the cliffs of the Sword Coast. This has allowed it to grow in population, and this population to grow in wealth.

Although founded as an agricultural centre, the extra revenue from trade has allowed the town to fund building a wall, as well as raise a fair defense force to protect the local trade routes. And it is exactly this that has been attracting adventurers to Frevat, for the Guard is only interested in defending the caravans of those merchants that fund it. This has left the local population an easy target for raiders of all races.

This lack of protection is particularly noticed around the hamlet of Bourston, the source of most of the areas trade and resources.

It is here that our adventure begins.



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