Frevat is located in the middle of lush farmland that was the cause for its original settlement. It grew quite well with an agricultural economy, supplemented by some mining in several small hamlets nearer to the coast.

In terms of trade, Frevat was only a stopover on the North-South trade route. This changed a few decades ago when the village of Bourston opened its tint harbour at the cliffs base to all trade. This enabled quite a few traders of smaller goods to bypass Baldurs Gate and its port taxes, and poured extra income into the region.

This extra income has seen Frevats army grow, and a wall get built around the town. At first, this was a boon to the entire region, but recently the merchants responsible for building the wall and financing the army have been restricting the Guards movements. They now will only protect caravans that pay for the service, and have ceased all other patrols in the region.

Local citizens have been left to face the dangers alone, as raiders have turned their attention away from the caravans, and onto the surrounding farms and hamlets.


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